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Customs clearance WITH SIGNIFICANT ECONOMY We will deliver and clear your goods from China, South Korea, India, Indonesia and Turkey and save you $2000-3000 per container

100% declaration of goods
No customs
account freeze
Door to door delivery
Final price guarantee

Leave the red tape to us We provide full range of services in international trade activities by providing documental and informational support throughout the entire shipment process.

Customs Clearance

Every shipment is processed on time. After all the procedures are finished, we will provide documents required for accounting needs.

Permits and Approvals

We assist you in collecting all the necessary permission documents by taking all the routine work upon ourselves.

Financial Logistics

We minimize costs and create competitive advantage for our clients thanks to streamlined financial network.


Insurance of goods will minimize your risks in case of unforeseen circumstances.

24/7 Information Support

You will be fully informed at every stage of the shipment process.

Legal Services

The shipment process is thoroughly protected thanks to due attention from our specialists.

ImpEx solutions: leave your worries to us By ordering ImpEx solutions from us, you entrust our company’s experienced and competent specialists with organizing all the foreign trade activities for you. This is how the process goes:

Contact us and
we discuss the details
We pick an optimal supplier
and conclude a foreign trade
contract for you
We buy the goods from the producer
and declare the goods
We pay the necessary fees,
duties and taxes,
collect permits
We attend to customs clearance
and arrange formal procedures
We deliver the goods
and provide all the legal documents

Expert level logistics: optimal route, transport and time of delivery We organize FCL and LCL shipping with all kinds of transports. Logistics chains that we build are customized according to our clients’ needs, seasonal fluctuations and characteristics of goods.

Maritime transport

45 days
Affordable tariffs and high volume

Railway transport

25 days
Perfect price to time of delivery ratio

Auto Transport

13 - 15 days
Fast and safe delivery of goods from China via Kyrgyzstan

Air Transport

1 - 3 days
The fastest way of transport, suitable for carriage of goods over very long distances

Additional services for your convenience With a solid team of competent managers who have worked with China and other Asian countries both remotely and on-site (we have managers who live there), we can ensure the result. This statement is applicable not only to customs clearance. Here is a list of our additional services:

Product search

We’ll find any product which fit your criteria

Supplier search

We’ll pick a supplier, who will be ready to cooperate on favorable terms

Quality control of goods

With us you’ll be able to control quality of your order at any stage of production

Counterparty audit

We’ll examine the counterparts of international trade deal for you

TOP-12 categories of goods
that we specialize in

of delivery and clearance
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7 final arguments in our favor

Customs clearance
below price risks
24/7 information support
All services
in one place
Guarantee for all services
Customs Broker License
Customs payment refund
Resolution of Disputes
on Customs Value Adjustments

Detailed answer to TOP 5 questions from our clients

What are the responsibilities of a customs broker?
Customs broker prepares customs documentation and ensures that shipments meet all the applicable laws to facilitate import and export of goods; determine duties and taxes payable and process payments on behalf of client.
What’s the cost of customs clearance and what documents are required for the procedure?
The costs depend on various factors (i.e., type of goods, transport, packaging, etc.). As for the documents, our specialist will consult you according to your specific order.
Is EAC marking required for goods imported from China?
Yes, it is. According to the regulation of Eurasian Customs Union there is a broad variety of goods that are subject to obligatory marking. As of now, there are over 45 technical regulations which define the categories of goods, and the number continues to grow.
What is customs accreditation?
Accreditation is the process of obligatory registration of international trading participants at the customs registry of organizations. Without it you won’t be able to import goods and attend to clearance.
Which factors affect cost of customs services?
Volume of provided services, number of documents required for preparation, type of goods, way of transportation, frequency of shipments, direction of shipment(import or export).
shipping cost
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